Caustic 2.1.2 update

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Version 2.1.2 has been submitted to Google Play, Amazon, Windows, PlayBook and to the upcoming Blackberry10 touch devices, to be launched later this month.

The new version fixes MIDI connection problems some people were having with their devices, so let me know if there are still outstanding MIDI issues.

I'm hoping that's the last bugfix build for 2.1, and I can focus on getting 2.2 out ASAP.


I have updated the link for the Windows version in the main post for that, but here's a shortcut if you just need the installer.

The application defaults to 800x480, but you can resize the window to whatever you want, even maximize it. If you stretch it out in portrait proportions, it'll automatically switch to multi-machine view so go crazy, but not everything will render well in small size.




Windows RT?

Have you thought about compiling it for Windows RT yet and adding it to the windows store for Windows 8? Because I have a nice new tablet with Windows RT on it and I would love to have Caustic on here and would totally be willing to pay for it.