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Suntan Cindy - Parental Advisory Explicit Content!!!

Made on Nexus 7 tablet. Samples chopped using Audacity on a Windows laptop.

Samples: Gary Puckett And The Union Gap - "Young Girl",  Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman "Kinky Boots"  Jimmy Saville samples from Jim'll Fix It BBV TV, porno samples courtesy of the internet!, "my fresh pair of knickers from some TV advert.

Sorry if anyone finds it in poor taste... its just my reaction to all the peodifile stuff in the British media lately... although some of the samples are a bit gratuitous I suppose.

I really can't work out how to embed the Soundcloud player...GRRRRR! Can anyone help?

Suntan Cindy by Flag Pigeon Contraption

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Don't paste urls; they turn

Don't paste urls; they turn into links

I fixed it