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A new website has been launched by the creator of the popular devoted to Android music apps.

Maybe it's not the smartest business move for me to lead you to others apps, but I'm confident in my product and Alex deserves some recognition for the great work he's done setting it up.

Check it out:



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No, I think this is a good move, gets more exposure of the app onto the BigInternet and not just isolated in AndroidLand. There are some other interesting programs I've tired that I see in there, but again, I ended up back here, for the sheer simplicity and ultra flexibility of C2 and its potential to take the world by storm in the Android community and beyond. You've just added another looking glass into what we all do here... J

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Thx, This website is

Thx, This website is interesting to discover other Android Apps for creating music. Nice

Par contre (oui je suis feignant avec mon anglais ;) ) j'ai regardé toutes les applis de la catégorie de Caustic, y'a vraiment des prog intéressants, super design, mais Caustic semble être bien au dessus niveau possibilité (je ne me base que sur les vidéos car j'ai jamais essayé les applis une par une). Ce qui m'a surpris c'est la qualité de certaines vidéos de promotion o_O c'est hyper pro.


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Love Alex's apps, Pixitracker

Love Alex's apps, Pixitracker is a lot of fun. Haven't taken the time to figure out SunVox yet, but I have it installed on my laptop (available as a free download, check the description on the market page).

Caustic has more options though and is easier to use. Caustic rules.

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Modular prototype



Once released, I really hope that there will be an Android version of this cool looking app. I love Caustic and I'm sure I'll love Modular too.

Good Luck,

 - Mark

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Where were you when I was

Where were you when I was looking for exactly that kind of site a week or two ago! Very difficult to find good music-creation apps. Rej - the fact that you mention this speaks volumes about you and how you care for your community. Glad I found you.