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Android Device Advice

Hey Rej and other codewriters there, you seem to have a very in-depth knowledge of the various types of Android Devices/ phones/ tablets etc... I'm curious as to what newer offerings out there would rank best, in your opinion, not just for handling Caustic and Loopstack but manage well with other applications as well (such as internet/firewall security software and other basic apps most devices are running)

My wife and I have favored the Samsung Galaxy series for sheer power, amazing screen (with Gorilla glass on some) and are very tough and robust in performance and physical handling and ruggedness against the elements... we are considering upgrading from the Galaxy S to an SII series, although I'm leaning more towards a 7" tablet in that series as well.

Your thoughts?

Rej - Dev
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Right now, I have nothing bad

Right now, I have nothing bad to say about the Samsung devices. I just picked up a Galaxy Nexus to replace my ageing HTC Nexus One. The SII is also a great phone and from what I've seen, the tablets are great too. The main thing about samsung is they tend to match their displays to plenty of graphics power, which unfortunately isn't the norm in the industry. Newer devices are getting better though and I'm sure most devices these days are better than the older ones on that front.

Also, know that the Galaxy S3 is about to be released, so it might be worth waiting for, or at least until it makes the prices drop on their other models.

The other I'm loving is the Ice Cream Sandwich OS (Android 4.0). I wasn't expecting much of an improvement over Gingerbread, but the browser experience alone is a HUGE improvement. (The rendering method is the same as used on the iPhone4, so we finally get smooth zooming/scrolling)

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I'm not a codewriter, but

I'm not a codewriter, but have been using an unrooted SGS2 for about three months and I'm very happy with it. Maybe this helps (no harm in posting anyway I guess).

Mobile security and added functionality: Avast seems to be the best and runs fine (firewall options on rooted devices and an option to turn off CPU wakelock saving battery; I had battery problems with Lookout, Trustgo and Webroot, Webroot also slowed down the internet browser, all three have lower detection rates than Avast anyway), Addons and Airpush Detector, Data ON-OFF, Battery Indicator Pro, and Fast Reboot all run fine

Soundapps: no significant problems with Poweramp, NodeBeat, Color Sounds (only recording doesn't work, but it says beta), Orbits (suddenly started working after ICS update), Soundcloud, Pixitracker, RD3 HD, Plasma Sound, G-Stomper Demo, EerieSynth Beta, Electrum Demo, and Caustic off course; problems with Reactable (but I lost interest after seeing a demo anyway, SunVox looks more intersting but I'm still trying to figure it out on windows 7), and Pulsate won't work; haven't installed Sonic Chop yet (but will be doing so in the near future, found NASA space sounds that need some editing before I can use them in Caustic).

Hope this helps.