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Caustic File:




I had threatened to try another 'classical' Caustic track and planned to try again this summer when I had some time off from work. But I was inspired to try it now after reading "The Dismal State of Android as a Music Production Solution" . Caustic was mentioned but only as a synthesizer, which misses the whole point of Caustic in my opinion.

Presets were created using freely available soundfonts. I decided that I was going to have to wait to do a symphony because they generally do not use a strict tempo but of course earlier works do.


For reference I fired up Pandora & listened to a lot of Hayden, Mozart, and later pieces by Prokofiev and Stravinsky, particularly the the folk-like solo violin in Stravinsky's L'Histoire du soldat which uses a very small ensemble.


There are weaknesses in it of course and I went a fair bit outside the 'classical' style….but what are a few  anachronism among friends?  wink After all I am not a classical musician by any stretch of the imagination. I did a lot of this track while standing in a poorly driven bus, and getting shoved around by sleepy commuters..... which says a lot about the viability of mobile composing, android or otherwise.



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Very accomplished, great

Very accomplished, great compositional skills and some beautiful sounds. The wind instruments and strings are brilliant. Do you have the link to the article? Would like to email the author and set them straight. 

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wow thats amazing!

wow thats amazing!

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Wow Wardini!

This is unbelievable, try to convince someone that this was made on an Android device. I’ve tried some soundfonts with violin but it’s really hard to make them sound this good. I got to peek in this Caustic file that’s for sure.

Ohh, I hear some notes from the old Swedish schnapps song ‘Helan Går’ in there but don’t worry, your not the first composer using it (intentional or not). On a visit in our country Franz Lehar heard this song and later wrote some variations of it. It’s said he believed this was our national anthem :-D. Here’s a link to some guys singing it the traditional way.




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Unbelievably good and so

Unbelievably good and so different. Really bold use of Caustic which is, after all, primarily for creating 'electronic music'. I guess there are no rules really and this track prooves it and why you shouldn't use a custom rack set up.

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"pretty far off the mark

"pretty far off the mark there dude, in at least one respect. Caustic 2 for Android is a full mobile DAW that enables you to create pro level tunes and works as a live tool. Don't damn an entire OS just to make your point when there are people working REALLY hard to change this presumption :p"

was my post on the dude's blog just now :)


blog here

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Wow! really great job,

Wow! really great job, Wardini. Hard to believe this comes out a phone app. You're right: "True artists never blames tools."


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Love it! Great job Warding!

Love it! Great job Wardini!

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Wardini--- I don't know what

Wardini--- I don't know what to say.... the effort you put into this is simply AMAZING for what this app was originally designed for.

yesyescool EIPSO Two Thumbs UP 

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Thanks for the kind words!Do you know what's weird?

This is the article I read:


Same title. 2 years apart.

As an American I am not that good with English...But wouldn't Abysmal be more correct?

Abysmal: an adjectivethat means very bad. Dismal: an adjective that means causing gloom or depression; dreary.




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Wow, thats extremely well put

Wow, thats extremely well put together, Great Work!

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You just blew my mind... I

You just blew my mind... I think everything I would say has been said :P Very good melodic ideas used, those samples are crystal clear

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I hope to someday do stuff

I hope to someday do stuff like this with Caustic. Very cool. Thank you for proving electronic artists don't just lean on a keyboard and press record.