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Caustic File:



I heard this rumor that there is going to be a mobile game based on Deus Ex series. cheekyThe first two are my favorite PC games.  this rumor led me to rediscover the music from  the series by Alexander Brandon. In the end only small bits of this sound anything like something from that game. More and more people have been posting their Caustic files and I always learn so much and get inspired by looking at other peoples work.

Four Subsynths with presets made using the AKWF waveforms

one Bassline

and Scarabee's PCM preset BOSS DR-550


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lively and energetic as

lively and energetic as always....  Nice work. cool


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wow, so good, its amazing you

wow, so good, its amazing you did this in caustic. thats alot of note inputting on that lead...yieks.

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Nice swing on this one. And

Nice swing on this one. And some Subsynth madness too!

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Really good sounds on your

Really good sounds on your subsynths there, it gives a nice game feel to the track. The melody got a nice Irish folk touch to it. Good drums to. The energy is as always amazing, another classic Wardini masterpiece.yes

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Classic Wardini, love it!

Classic Wardini, love it!

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Mobile game is true. For iOS

Mobile game is true. For iOS and Android but only the iOS release date is confirmed, I think. 

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Thanks Guys!

Thanks Guys!


Jblann1:    the Caustic files you posted are the real reason the drums on this are better than my usual fumbling mess. The hi-hat pattern here is one i had wondered about. After looking at your work I figured out how to do some things that were beyond me before.


danjdob:  If you download the Caustic file you will see that there are really only three short patterns and the 4 bar bass part. It's just a lot of copying and pasting between the machines with some transposition thrown in.


Scarabee:  I think they call it 'shuffle funk' when it swings but has a syncopated feel and accents on the 4th beat. That's what I was trying to do anyway. angel


Pan65: Your recent tracks have inspired me to delve more deeply into making my own SubSynth presets and those AKWF waveforms that Rej posted really give you a lot of possibilities.


bojeroo:  Thanks, I never think I even have a discernible style so I appreciate it.


Bipidribait: If they were done at the same time (like minecraft pe) Android will get it first. The Apple approval system takes longer. Even if the game doesn't get great reviews I will buy it because I think 'stealth' gameplay could work really well on mobile and it is something that hasn't been explored by any other game devs.