Customizable 4 note arpeggiator in time

Modular Preset


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I got tired of the disappointing arpeggiator plug-in, so I made my own! 4 note sequence that you can customize, even have different waveforms for eachnote... And it's perfectly timed, but you can play around with the rate knobs for different arpeggiator effects.

1st note of sequence - wave Gen on the right
2nd note of sequence - wave Gen on left in the middle of the other wave gender
3rd note if sequence - wave Gen bottom left
4th note sequence - wave Gen left top

2 crossfaders,going into one crossfaders,makes the arp possible. Each Lfo qmodulates a crossfaders, look at the back to understand the order...

The one here has a simple sequence,enjoy customizing!

Oh and it loops like a real arpeggiator!

You can make it double timely playing around with the rates, just experiment.