Caustic 2.1 for Windows

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[8 Jan: Update for version 2.1.2]

Here's the backstory: I didn't write this especially for release. I've always had a win32 version of Caustic used for debugging (debugging on the Android device is slow and painful so I only debug on device intensively before release). So what you're getting is the exact same app as on your portable device, quirks and all. This is the version I use to make the tutorial videos by the way...more on that in another post. 

Let me answer some questions I know will come up:

Is this the full version, do I need to unlock it? This is the full version, no strings attached. I'm not going to waste time validating people's purchase status. I trust that if you've made it this far, you're legit.

How does it work? I know we all skip README files when installing software but mine is short and explains everything so do have a look please.

Can I transfer work between this version and the mobile one? Yes. Everything the song needs is in the ".caustic" file in your /caustic/songs" directory. There's a data folder in your PC version accessible from the start menu shortcut where you can copy your songs, samples and instruments.

Will there be a version for Mac/Linux/Commodore 64? Probably not. Like I said, I haven't ported an Android app to windows. I happen to use windows as my development environment and so this is my debugging version, made public.

Can you add feature X to the windows version? Please remember that the windows version is not the product. The product is a mobile app. If the feature you have in mind will work on mobile as well, I invite you to submit it to the feature request forum.

 What about MIDI support? There is very basic MIDI input code and it seems to work ok. Basically it will listen for keyboard commands on the first MIDI device it finds at startup and route messages according to what is set in the MIDI option menu. The "stop" button can be used as MIDI panic/mute.

What are the minimum device specs? Pretty low. Considering a typical PC processor is much faster than a mobile one, and that Caustic is made to run on 800MHz phones, it will run on most PCs that are still worth having around these days. I have an old 600MHz laptop running WinXP and it runs fine on that. The only real requirement is some kind of 3D graphics card supporting OpenGL. Make sure to update your graphics drivers if you're getting bad framerate. Most devices can do OpenGL, but a lot of stock drivers (including those in WindowsXP) didn't provide OpenGL support out of the box.

That's it, download the installer here (v2.1.2 - 10Mb)

The application defaults to 800x480 but you can resize the window to whatever you want, even maximize it. If you stretch it out in portrait proportions, it'll automatically switch to multi-machine view so go crazy, but understand that not everything will render well in small size.



I is dumb

I feel stupid but i have a .caustic file of a song i made on my phone and i can't figure out how to put into the windows version. Any help?


Amazing work sir!

I cant believe my eyes :)

I have full version on ancient LGP970, and i though: It will be lovely to have such a great program on PC without paying hundreds of dollars.

With the price of your app, and the possibility to finish projects on PC is this the cheapest way to create some tunes.


Thank you very much!

(Just question, i heard that sand! is also available for PCs. Is this true?)


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Please remove limit for 256 songs!!

i have about 500 songs (most are variations i use to compare diffent versions of songs or sketch riffs)


and on all platforms i cant see past 256 songs alphabetically.


please turn this limiter off as caustic is the best for making music on the go!





an up and coming artist!