Vocality Text-To-Speech app for Android

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If you're looking for some vocal clips to spice up your Caustic tracks but you don't want to use your own voice, forum member Bojeroo a.k.a. PolynomialC Software has you covered with his newly released Vocality app for Android.

Vocality is a front-end tool for whatever text-to-speech engine(s) you have on your device. It provides a simple interface for entering text, changing speed and pitch and previewing it all in real-time. Once you're satisfied with the clip, you can save it as a WAV File for use in Caustic or any other software you have that accepts WAV files. I'll be working closely with Bojeroo to streamline the workflow of getting Vocality clips into Caustic in the future.

I've been playing with it and installing various TTS engines from the play store this morning. I definitely recommend the Ivona voices, you can try them on their website and download the one(s) you want to your Android device (not all their PC voices are available). They seem to be in beta right now so all the voices are free during this period.

If you're wondering what it sounds like, well try the app for yourself (it's free!), but have a listen at a recent Caustic track from forum member Danjdob. Vocality loaded with one of Ivona's female voices was used to create the two spoken samples in the track ("the power is in the music,  the music is in the soul")

Vocality announcement thread on the forum

For more info, visit the website: www.polynomialcsoftware.com