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Bass Attack Redux1

Ok, this is lame but the sinlge line meldoy is what I had in my head playing as I listened to this for the first time.

I just whipped this out, so nothing special. I can't wait for the new synths cause the Add Synth is where I will be making these types of lead/pads. I LOVE this type of pad with bassline/lead dark minor stuff.

PS I posted this as a comment but I wanted it on the record I finally tried to half ass remix something finally!


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Nice animation on this one

Nice animation on this one Mike... classic feel, reminds me of some epic stuff I used to  listen to....


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I like the idea Mike, it

I like the idea Mike, it reminds of what Orbital do on some of their live tracks like Satan. A longer evolving tune over the top.

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I love the new lead -

I love the new lead - subsynth? You can get some great sounds combining subsynth with distortion - a great way for Nishit to get his post rock textures too.