Share your Caustic Presets!

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Along with the community packs and expansion packs available on the markets out there, Single Cell Software's site now offers the community the ability to add their own original Subsynth and PCMSynth presets right on the site.

Once a preset is added, other community members are welcome to comment on the presets using the comment form below the preset page.

To add your preset on the site, you must be a registered user of Single Cell Software and be logged in to your account. To disallow hotlinks and preset mining from less credible sites, you must also be an authenticated user to download a preset file. Any one browsing the site anonymously can view the presets.

Steps to add a preset;

  • Login into your account.
  • From the right side bar, select Add content
  • Select Caustic Preset
  • Fill in the Preset Name with your unique preset name.
  • Fill in the Preset Description with information for others to read about anything interesting you found while creating it.
  • Upload an optional screenshot of the Preset. This is optional since some users may not be able to take screen shots from their devices. The admin might do this for them since it's always nice for people browsing to actually see the dials and how they affect the sound.
  • Upload the Preset File from you computer or device. This will vary for different users but subsynth and pcmsynth are the only allowed file types.
  • Select the Preset Type, the radio group defaults to subsynth.
  • Click Save and help the Casutic preset community grow!

I'm sure Rej will be considering great presets for future inclusions to community packs. By donating the presets to the site, you are agreeing to your presets becoming public domain.