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Adding presets to Caustic 3

Hi all,

Title says it all, how do you add presets ( for instance, beatbox ; I'm looking for a kick for deep house tracks) into Caustic?

Thank you :)

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Its easy peasy lemon squeezy,

Its easy peasy lemon squeezy, at least on android anyway. All you have to do is download the preset then go into caustic, load the machine you got the preset for, click on the place with the name of the currently loaded preset which will bring up a menu, then navigate to where the preset is (should be Downloads folder on internal storage unless you moved it after downloading). You should see it in there. Then you click on it and click load, then the preset will be loaded :D

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the presets are from the

the presets are from the forum.

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Are you talking about

Are you talking about creating presets? Adding drum samples to BeatBox for example? It is easy, and if you watch Rej's videos (he covers every thing) you will understand and get started very quickly....

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I use Caustic 3.2.0 on

I use Caustic 3.2.0 on Windows 10. I downloaded presets from the presets section and put them into the applying preset folder of each machine, still I'm not able to load the downloaded presets into the machines in Caustic, they simply don't show up in the list. I uesd to handle it that way before and everything went fine... until now. Is there anything I could have left out or done wrong?

Thanks in advance for any ideas, suggestions, corrections etc.


Edit: OK, found out they work in Caustic 3.1.0