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Feature suggestion Record and analyze audio input

Hi guys, I love causic - it's an awesome app, sometimes I use loopstack just for fun. But for me as an engineer it would be great to have app which will capture my audio input on iPhone so I can record patterns and analyze them, I think not only me but other audio technicians would appreciate it. For example I have HDMI Modulator and sometimes I need to check audio level to ensure high quality of audio encoding, so I could get the audio from TV set via headphone jack. Sorry - it might sound dumb, but sometimes this feature would be great since I can use my phone as a tool.

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Since Caustic is only set up

Since Caustic is only set up to record from the device's mic, and some devices have built-in comp/limiting on it, renders thus kind of thing moot.   There is a signal input meter, but that's about it.   You're recording into a 32-bit float environment, so hitting a ceiling threshold is quite unlikely.

If someday we get a much easier access for i/o via USB for real multi-track recording into our android devices (well AudioEvolution does this now for 2-channel recording) then, better input metering and DSP would be possible.

For the time being, we find work-arounds to do such.   the engineer for AE actually spent the insane amount of time to write drivers for many many interface units to be able to record from your preferred pre-amp to A/D to phone for DAW or sampling work..... so that is an option you can utilize now, if you have the proper equipment.   I strongly recommend a tube preamp for vocal or instrument recording (I also recommend switching out the stock 12AX7 or 12AU7 cheap chinese tube for a quality Russian replacement tube -- much smoother results, even for clean recordings and low S/N floor)

If I ever get into a new PocketKit Project or other Builderz Project mode, I will try to do recording and engineering sessions 100% on mobile gear and see what happens.   My recent content packs were about 80% done on mobile...... so we are really close on this.....

Hang in there, the good stuff keeps coming cool