transient - ebb & flow

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Long-time Caustic user transient made this album using Caustic and my upcoming mastering app. I've always been impressed by his work, great stuff Carl!

It's a free download on his website but if you like his work, he's offering hundreds of tracks for just a few bucks so go support him.


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I agree, nice work here, I've

I agree, nice work here, I've listened to this and others, and certainly puts your tools that you've worked very hard to create and maintain, to great use, and glad to see more and more widespread use of your software for independent artists like demonstrated here, to be able to create, edit, and finalize music projects all on their own, and make it sound good without outside help from a studio that can quickly drain your wallet....

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amazing work must of taken so

amazing work must of taken so long to create i havnt purchased the app yet but im going to in the near future keep up the good work the only thing i can say would make this software better would to be able to have an infinite amount of slots in the sequencer

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I didn't use MIDI in this

I didn't use MIDI in this album, although I have played around with hooking up my USB keyboard via an OTG cable with Caustic which works pretty slick! A lot of the sounds are just the Caustic synths but also lots of samples from all over the web or homemade. Rather than try and explain it, I figured it would be easier to just share the album in it's .caustic format, so feel free to check it out.

Most of these should play in the current public version of Caustic, but there were a couple I think that I made after starting to use the Beta from the forums so you'd need to upgrade to that to play those in particular.
Thanks for checking out the album!
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Check out this rej

Check out this song i made entirely with caustic 3, but i haven't mastered it yet because i dont have the mastering app, hopefully soon it goes live but for now check this out Listen to full fledged by Tn0ZZ #np on #SoundCloud , i dont want to be a hater and self promote but i guess i sound like a hypocrite, but take a listen and tell me what you think. Thank you.


Mastering and beach

You hit the point with composing on the beach :-) Just returned from my loooong holiday where I constantly took my tablet with Causitc to the beach, to hostel rooms, boats, buses - you name it :-)

What exactly did you do while mastering the tracks? To my ear, the songs sound good enough right from Caustic so I'm curious how else they can be improved.

And - of course - I'm a great admirer of you album!


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