The BeatBox is a sample-based drum computer. It features 8 stereo output channels. Here is a tutorial video showing how to use it. 

UI Reference

  1. Machine label: This is used to identify this machine in various places throughout the app. Its value can be changed via a long-press action (label changes color to indicate a successful touch). Upon successful long-press, a keyboard offering you to rename the machine will appear. Use this to identify a machine in a rack configuration where there might be more than one instance of the same machine.

  2. Preset LCD: This display shows the name of the last loaded preset and is used to load presets. A preset is a saved file that contains a link to all samples used as well as the positions of every knob. To load a preset, touch the preset LCD. This will bring up a list of saved presets to choose from.

  3. Save Preset button: This button allows you to save your own presets to disk for use later. Pressing this button will bring up a keyboard allowing you to name your preset. Presets are stored on the external storage in /caustic/presets/beatbox. 

  4. Kit Options button: This button brings up the BeatBox Kit Options screen.

  5. Mute/Solo buttons: These buttons link to the ones in the mixer and are used to cut out this machine from the final mix or listen to only this machine.

  6. Output Volume knob: The final output volume of the BeatBox.

  7. Output VU meter: Indicates the level at which the BeatBox is outputing signal. If this reaches RED, then the BeatBox will output distorted sound.

  8. Channel Mute/Solo buttons: These buttons are used to cut out this channel from within the BeatBox's output mix or listen to only this channel.

  9. Sample Name LCD: Displays the name of the loaded sample.

  10. Sample Load button: Press this button to replace or load a sample into this channel. Pressing this will bring up a File Browser to choose your sample.

  11. Tuning knob: Controls the pitch of the sample.

  12. Punch knob: Controls how quickly the sample fades in. Can be used to remove the aggressive attack spike on most percussions.

  13. Decay knob: Controls how quickly the sample fades out.

  14. Pan knob: Controls the position of this channel in stereo space.

  15. Volume knob: The mix volume for this channel.

  16. Preview Play button: Press to hear the sample as it will sound when triggered through the pattern editor.