File Browser


This screen is used to select a file from a list of files available on your storage. The type of files listed is set by the machine that launched it to ensure all files shown can be loaded. 

The large middle windows shows a list of files and folders. Folders are marked as yellow. Selecting a folder will drill into that folder and list the files present there. The special ".." folder represents the parent folder to the current one. Pressing this will go up to the parent folder and list the files present there. 

To navigate the list, touch/drag inside the list to scroll, or drag the scroll cursor on the right-hand side for quicker movement. 

Some file types can be previewed and will offer a Preview button to do so. Press the button to hear the file played. Tip: Long-press the preview button to have the file automatically preview as you select it in the list.

The Get More... button (Android Only) in the bottom left-had corner will launch a market search for content packs compatible with Caustic. New 3rd-party content is added regularly so it's good to check often. Note that anyone can offer content for Caustic and the responsibility is left up to the user when downloading content packs. SingleCellSoftware does not directly endorse or support any 3rd-party content.

When you have selected the file you want to load, double-tap it or press the Load button.

For basic file management, long-press any file and a popup will appear offering a few different file operations. 

Files can be cut, copied, renamed and deleted here. Confirmation is required for deletion and only single files and empty folders can be deleted. New folders can be created by long-pressing on any file inside the destination folder. Same for pasting, the copied file will be placed inside the same directory as the file selected via long-press. Approximate file size is also displayed at the top.