The mixer is where the signal from each machine gets added (or "mixed") into the final audio result you hear. There are 7 "strips" in each mixer, and 2 possible mixers in your rack. The first mixer corresponds to machines 1-7 and the second mixer corresponds to machines 8-14 (if present)

UI Reference

Each strip has the following controls which affect the sound signal coming from the machine (once it has passed through the insert effects):

  1. EQ Knobs (Bass, Mid, High): These are equalizer controls that affect the tone of the audio signal, each component can either be amplified or cut.
  2. Global Effects Send Knobs: These control how much of the machine's audio signal is sent into each global effect for processing.
  3. Stereo Knobs: The Pan knob controls the placement of the machine's audio signal in the output stereo panorama. 
    The Width knob controls a small delay between left and right ear, this gives the impression that the sound is captured from a stereo source. The greater the Width value, the more stereo separation in the sound. When the control is centered there is no delay. When the knob is turned left the delay is in the left ear and when the knob is turned right then delay is in the right ear.
  4. Mute/Solo Buttons: Mute stops this machine's audio from going into the output mix. Solo mutes out every machine except the Solo'ed one.
  5. Volume Knob: Controls this machine's final volume that will be mixed into the output. This also affects the amount of signal sent to the Global Effects.
  6. VU meter: Indicates the level at which this machine is outputing signal. If this reaches RED, then this machine will output distorted sound into the final mix.
  7. Strip Identifier Label: Shows the name of the machine connected to this strip. Tip: Double-tap the label to quickly jump to the machine.