App Overview

Caustic is a music creation tool that uses various synthesizers, samplers and effects to create songs. Limitless combinations of instruments and sounds means Caustic can be used to create music of various styles, even though the app's main focus is electronic music. Caustic is modelled after a rack-mount cabinet where devices are stacked and connected in order to produce sound.

Quick Glossary

Here's a quick list of words you'll see throughout this manual and their meaning in the context of this app:

Machine: A device which either produces or modifies sound. Caustic's rack consists of a maximum of 14 dynamic machines, plus 4 permanent machines: the effects rack, the mixer, the master mixer and the sequencer.

Long-press: This action is done by pressing and holding the control for a second or two, until the extended action is performed.

LFO: Low Frequency Oscillator. A control signal generator that modifies a parameter via oscillation in the sub-sonic range (0-20Hz)