Creating a Song

These are the basic steps to creating a song in Caustic. Be sure to watch the Caustic 3.0 Overview video which also shows how to do this in a live demonstration. 


The steps

  1. Start by creating a new song. Press the Menu button in the Control Panel and select "New" from the Song tab in the app menu.
  2. While in the app menu, select the tempo for your song using the BPM controls.
  3. Choose the machines you want to use by pressing the Machine Management button in the lower-left of the screen. This will bring up the Machine Management screen which lets you add/remove machines. Note that machines can be added/removed at any time, but any work done in these machines will be lost if they are removed.
  4. Set the playback mode switch in the center of the Control Panel to Pattern (touch it to change from Song to Pattern). Press the Play button in the Control Panel. Then, for each machine in your rack, create note or patterns for them using their respective pattern editor.
  5. If desired, add effects to your machine in the Effects Rack.
  6. Set the playback mode switch in the center of the Control Panel to Song (touch it to change from Pattern to Song). Go to the Sequencer and assemble your patterns. (See instructions in Sequencer page)
  7. Once your patterns are placed to create your song, record automation for any controls you wish to have change dynamically throughout the length of the song.
  8. When your are satisfied with the song, press the Menu button in the Control Panel to bring up the app menu, select the "Song" tab then select "Export". This will show the Song Export screen.
  9. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.