Song Export


This screen is used to export your song to your external storage. 

The filename window shows the name of the file which will be written to storage. It defaults to the song's name but can be overridden by touching the display and choosing a different name. 

Next to the filename is a selector to choose the output file type. Choices are:

If the file type is .ogg a Quality slider will be visible, offering to modify the compression quality (at the expense of file size). 

Choose between exporting the full song or a portion determined by the loop cursors placed in the sequencer. Note that if no loop cursors are set in the sequencer, the Loop Region Only option will not be available. If the selection is set to Entire Song, 2 seconds will be added after the last note has played to allow for note and effect decay. 

To export your file, press the Export button. To cancel the export (once the export has started) press the Cancel button.