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[Ann] Subscriptions to nodes/comments


It has come to my attention that a certain person in authority wanted a simple way to subscribe to content with a checkbox. (ermm...)

Well, this was the one thing I was lazy about for the last eh, I think 2 years since he asked. :)

The solution is simple, effective and NOT robust like you would expect from a PHPBB or VBulletin board BUT still works non the less. It is IMPERATIVE you read what I have written here because it affects how things work.

If anybody ever posts a question about "Why am I getting emails" can you please point them to this topic.

As many of you know, the old Notification system just did not work, I didn't get off my lazy ass to fix it either, sorry about that.

  1. If you create a topic, you are automatically going to get updates if you have "Receive content follow-up notification emails" checked in your User -> Edit settings.
  2. If you comment on a topic and have "Receive comment follow-up notification e-mails" set to All comments.

If you DO NOT have these checked in your global user settings, the check box above the Submit button will not be checked and you have to check it before submitting your comment to receive update emails.


  1. You CANNOT unsubscribe from content you created, I am sorry, the only way is to turn off your global notification settings.
  2. When subscribed to a thread, in the email that is sent is an unsubscribe url to stop watching the thread.

Post check box


If you have any questions ask them here.

Peace Mike

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Popcorn time.....

Popcorn time.....

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