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* Alexei Bourdan - Iberia (L!feUp Remix)

Such an inspiring sound!

I've started this remix/remake a couple of weeks ago...but didn't wanna change much and I just added some of my instruments and additional synths to give it more of my personality;)
I call it remix/remake just because it sounds very similar to the original but instead of adding all the guitar melody I left it more as a dub mix hoping to get that ambient vibe building up...
I may be working on it more before posting it to SoundCloud...let me know what you all think,should I add the rest of the guitar or leave it as it is?
Personally I prefer as it;)

Thanks and enjoy!
Original track here: http://www.singlecellsoftware.com/node/9945

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Nice remix here Sir L!feUp.

Nice remix here Sir L!feUp. Simple but catchy. BuildUps are also nice. Cheers! :0

Alexei Bourdan
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Fantastic dude. Said on da

Fantastic dude. Said on da book too but you got a real Latino vibe going thru it. Really interesting to hear what elements you kept in. Nice work dude