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Indian flavor in this percussion kit


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you made my day.

Since 1 week I do some experiments with Indian music, to improve my skills with the piano - roll.. It gives me the ability to try different rhythms and tone - length on a single basic tone, helps me to concentrate on improvising. -
Bass - line is doing fine with its slide funktion, but I missed an adequate drum/percussion - set..
There you come along with this wonderful balanced set of Tablas, nothing left to say than thank you so much for the crystal clear and high dynamisized set of Indian percussion, God bless you.
BTW if you got the time and the medium, could you do a set of Latin percussion, (lo-high Congas with rim and center beat, slap, Maracas /shakers and Guiro please??
That would be a hit too, nobody can do it better than you, I am shure after fiddling the hole day with these Tablas!..
Regards, Ulrich.

I stumbled into this thread

I stumbled into this thread and wonder you folks have created samples. presets and rhythms for Indian music with Tabla and Indian drums.

I am  hoping t start on that - and so anything that is already there would be a great starting point. I already see Indycat on my Caustic - may be it is packaged with Caustic or I downloaded from here.

br Sri.