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Sync Korg Volca with Caustic on Android

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Finally I had an idea how to sync Caustic on my Android tablet and my volca sample and bass :D 

You simply need a second device eg. your phone with caustic installed. Load up the attached .caustic , select bpm and connect the audiojack of your phone with the sinc in of yor master volca. Now connect eg. your tablet to your mixer. Load any song, enter bpm on the phone in this example. Then hit play on both devices simultaneously. Now you can start the volcas, and their synced exact. 

Important: don't listen to the attached file, ears could get damaged! Turn up the volume of the control rack device.

Hope this will help... maybe a lot :D

Works good at tempi round about 120bpm, for 140 and more I had to make it half step and double the notes. Also I turned up the swing knob (volca) to max, it behaves really interesting depending on the tempo  :)

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Great Idea!

Great Idea!yes

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I know, that's a necroposting

I know, that's a necroposting, but just wanted you to know that your post was useful for me.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

It's not a ugly mess, it's a microchromatic syncopation.