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I need a deep impact explosion sound...

Tried numerous drum kicks with echo and reverb but can't quite get it sounding deep/loud/muffled enough. Any suggestions? 

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Go to 99sounds.Com and check

Go to 99sounds.Com and check out the sound effects packs.

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SampleSwap.org also has lots

SampleSwap.org also has lots of .wav files for free! just need to create an account, then select all the sounds u wanna download, then they will send a link to your email for the zip with all the stuff you selected.


And if a sound you like is .aif or something you can allways convert it to .wav with convertio.co/aif-wav/ then press the checkbox with the email thing, put your email there, and you'll get the .wav file.


I hope i helped :D

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One approach you could try:

One approach you could try: Sample yourself making an explosive type sound with your mouth. Sample a few more explosive sounds. Add in a deep kick sample, some noise from the subsynth, etc, etc, etc. Lower the pitch of your sample to make it sound bigger and less like your voice and filter out different frequencies to give it depth and character.

Just keep building up the layers in the sequencer until you are happy with the sound. You can add reverb and delay at this point or wait and add it after exporting the layered sound to a new sample for playback in the PCM or Beatbox. Now layer a couple of copies of this new sample and go crazy with filtering,distortion, panning, etc until you have the explosion to end all explosions!

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Orr combine drum sounds off

****edited *****Orr combine drum sounds off caustic or record them back intwo caustic. Or. Just look up if u can find dr. 202 drum sounds for free. I did. It work'd for me!! Why not u.

P.s. dr groove boss 202 drum machine had a couple of explosion drum sounds. As perc sounds or crash sounds. I will gamble if u don't find something in this its a real test of re-creatin' what u want.

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Download Zvon's Jaw harp demo

Download Zvon's Jaw harp demo on your app store.

Get to the jaw harp sample 'techno hit'

Smack unhealthy amounts of reverb on it.

Boom! That's what I use.

Maybe not a natural explosion but excellent nonetheless

I make creative EDM utilising Caustic and many other Daws. See for yourself on my SoundCloud, you may like it :) https://soundcloud.com/xandyaudio thanks!

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Andy Bones
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My friend, have I got a treat

My friend, have I got a treat for you...


ArtysTorrents is an uploader of (100,000's of) free legal samples on any torrent client, his huge collections are 80% of all I use for samples, I recommend getting all of them because of their incredible quality and vast diversity- but back to what you're looking for:


His soundpack "ArtysKicks" contains a folder called "reverb kicks" (actually it might be shortened to "verb kicks") This is what you're looking for.


Some of the most badass sounding deep hits & echoed explosions you will ever find.  I love those kinds of sounds so I'm always on the lookout- it's absolutely the best deep hit collection I've ever come across, and there's about 100 of them in that folder.

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Thanks to all I will have a

Thanks to all I will have a look when I have a moment