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Creating weighty kicks in the modular

Caustic Song file (optional): 

This is actually pretty easy, and yields brilliant results when finished.

All you need is a sine oscillator on a modular that pitches down fast using an exponential decay curve, and the volume of that should be modulated with another decay envelope. I like to use a linear curve on the volume mod but it's up to you.

Then we shape the pitch further. Go to the smallest note and unquantized and use glide to make the sound you like, this is experimental. Ones that are slower pitching down are often harder and have a bigger impact. Right now you should have a low subby kick that's very weighty.

Now let's create a click, nothing fancy. Grab a sample from another kick or a rimshot or something similar, and grab two of them. One of the samples will be mid, and one will be high. Once you have the samples, eq out the low end from both of them. And then hear the effect with the lower kick (also use the decay knob in beatbox for more control, I recommend turning it all the way down if you are stealing a click from another sample).
Oknow you have a rough idea of what your kick will be. Create a pattern, put it in the sequencer and export it. I recommend doing four different variants like I have in my file.

Now is creativity, so go wild and edit the clicks and the subs however you like. I have used some compression to add more low end and also I have severely compressed the clicks in a distortion type way, I just like how that sounds. When editing parts of the waveform, always lock cursors to 0 points too.

There you have some weighty kicks to bring the house down ( I also recommend a bit of loosely on the lowest setting, cut it a bit, it can get q bit rumble) I forgot to do that here :/.

Hope you find use from this.

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Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

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Nice synthesis! The modular

Nice synthesis! The modular is such a great tool!

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You can also use some

You can also use some filtered pink noise for the klick, that way you can create your kick from scratch with only the modular involved in the process. Try to make other drum sounds to, it's really fun and it's a special feeling using your own sounds in your tracks. The cymbals are a bit tricky but you can make those to with a little practice :)