JK Progressive House Synth 01

Subsynth Preset


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This is a Progressive House synth I made and use a lot in some of my songs. The actual sound itself is simple but its the effects that make the sound what it is, so make sure you read the effect instructions below carefully to get the exact sound or experiment with your own effects and make some new banger sounds!!!


Best with these effects:

          Chorus: DEPTH: 3 o'clock                       Reverb: ROOM: 3 o'clock

                      RATE: 9 o'clock                                     DAMP: 9 o'clock

                      DELAY: 12 o'clock                                 DELAY: 12 o'clock

                      WET: 3 o'clock                                      WIDTH: 5 o'clock (All the way up)

                      SHAPE: ^^ above the line & vv below        WET: 12 o'clock (Or to taste)

                      *(SEE SCREENSHOT FOR SHAPE)*

I hope you guys enjoy this synth and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for more in the near future!!!



James Keanan


South Africa