JK Dirty Dutch 1 *BEST*

Subsynth Preset


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This is one of my most favorite Dirty Dutch presets. Its kinda on the borderline of Dirty Dutch and Melbourne Bounce.


The Effects for this preset is what gives the sound its stereotypical "dirty" sound for either Dirty Dutch or Melbourne Bounce. Try to copy these effects exactly as given!!!


Best with these effects:


            FREQ = 8 o'clock (as close as possible, you hear when you've got the right sound)

            RES = 7 o'clock (all the way down)

            WET = 5 o'clock (all the way up)


           THRESH = 5 o'clock (all the way up)

          RATIO = 5 o'clock (all the way up)

           ATTACK = 7 o'clock (all the way down)

           RELEASE = 5 o'clock (all the way up)

           S.CHAIN = 1

MAIN MIXER: Reverb(to taste), HIGH(up a little), MID(up a little)

Hope you guys enjoy this preset. Keep you eyes peeled for more presets in the future!!



James Keanan

South Africa