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Faze Artistic
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youtube channel (help please)

Hey, so im sure alot of people know about the uprising of gaming and youtube. I would really like to do my own call of duty channel, but I dont want to just use non copyright songs from youtube. I would like to either use music I create on caustic, or find someone else to be partners with me. This leads to problems, like for instance if you saw any of my videos you would notice a couple of things. The first thing that you would notice is that I play offline, meaning I have no wifi. This means I will rarely put up online content, and that also means I'm using my phone and a computer for just my elgato/ simple video editing. The other thing you would notice is that my music is absolute crap at the moment. So what I am asking is if someone/ some people would like to partner up and help music wise (or other ways if you contact me) and/ or if you guys could teach me how to make music correctly and efficiently. Thank you so much for your time -Artistic

Josh L
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Maybe you should just ask the

Maybe you should just ask the caustic musicians if you want to borrow their music?

Check out mah soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/josh-oelal