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How to change preset in the middle of a song

So I had this idea of making animal sounds with the modular and it resulted in the ambient track Dagobah System, you can check it out here if you like...


The initial thought was to make an instance of the modular for every sound I needed, but then I thought what if...

So instead of making several modulate I made a couple of patterns with different presets on each. So how did I do that? Well the obvious answer is pattern automation. It is easier than it sounds but you need to know how to make your own presets of course :).

First thing you need to do is plan ahead very carefully, otherwise this method won't work. Here is the steps you need to take...

1. Select your weapon of choice (machine) sample based machines won't work here, you can not switch samples in the middle of a song anyway.

2. Now make a preset you like and make sure you are in pattern mode (not song mode).

3. Go to the pattern menu and select the pattern you want the preset to be used in.

4. Go back to the machine and press the record button (but don't press play).

5. Tap once on each control that will change during the song.

6. Press the record button again and your done with you first preset.

7. Now go back to the pattern editor and select another pattern.

Repeat the steps 2 to 7 until you have all the presets you need. You can do this procedure for as many presets you want, or at least how many patterns that are available.

When your done you can start making music with you new presets and you can even go in and edit your automations if you want. Please note that if you need the same preset on several patterns you need to do the record and tap thing for every one of them before you do any changes to the preset. If you look at the .caustic file of my Degobah System you see how I do it, but I'm sure you can do it on your own to.

Happy editing.

Alexei Bourdan
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That. . . . . Is. . . . . . .

That. . . . . Is. . . . . . . GENIUS!!!!!
You sneaky little bar steward, you!
Incredibly fiddly, but could be a huge asset.
I salute you sir

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Nice workaround Pan. I

Nice workaround Pan. I presume the name of the preset never changes though...?

It would be great to have real program (preset) changes in Caustic but with an unlimited number of user presets available I guess that's not really possible.

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No the name can't be

No the name can't be automated but it is the sound that is important right? Another thing worth to remember is other things that can't be automated like the waveforms on the subsynth, that's why it is very important that you plan ahead.

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Also, technically the 8 bit

Also, technically the 8 bit synth can technically already hold two presets at once that can be toggled using the mix knob :)

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You might find the pattern

You might find the pattern clone function in pattern options handy here.

Although it takes longer to set up, there's a case for song automation. So two program change patterns (A and B) in a song. you're playing at a point past B. Now you want to rewind to a point between A and B. Unless you rewind to A first, you'll have the wrong sound. Song automation follows.  You could fill every pattern with appropriate automation. 

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Thats correct Paulovsky, I

Thats correct Paulovsky, I think I need to complement the op a bit to make things clearer.  When I wrote tap all controls you gonna use I really meant all, even those you didn't change for that particular preset. If you don't do that some controls may get the value from a previous pattern and your preset won't sound as you wanted in the first place. 

So if you use a machine with not that many controls such as the subsynth you may as well automate all the controls just to be sure nothing will change. 

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this is what i been strugglin

this is what i been strugglin' with. :( i have been doin' this from the very beginning just not good at using such knobs; but my initial start sucks!!. my person's lack technical knowledge with the machines has block my person from such success.

i'm glad this was well received.

but i u still can automate the pattern in song sequence just a bit more tedious.

and i have two disagree with u @pan65 its a matter of how rich and great of the dynamics r for a sample say in the pcm... sampler machine right??? well, if and only u can modulate the low end in a tasteful sound. and work with the high, or mid..... and polarity of a song or.... bw able two really maximize 64 patterns of caustic now.

i have being overtly persistant for more of a data base of user patterns i digress two say i would wanna flip what the bassline has with say..... a preset sound of another machine say like subsynth with the sawsynth machine or modular.

but not have the sound configured in the pattern. just the sequence of notes.

if a note is soft or loud. long or short.

should not really matter.

those notes r isolated two a machine a preset binding those notes two dat preset.

heck what just if we could do what i just describe what if we wanna use the beatbox..... lenght of note. velocity of a note added in the exchange. but u load a pcm drum kit. u load a pcm bass. still the same arrangement of a pattern. but!!!! win u arrange those patterns just dat will linked on cue of the same note. not much difference in what the visual looka like a spade is a spade club club.

i just think how u could re-save such pattern it could be possible two have dat much universal control.

Chris Dmeek
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Will this be possible in the

Will this be possible in the Modular synth?, having a variety of different modules for each sound

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@derttiblu: You are right

@derttiblu: You are right Dertti, the PCM is very similar to the Subsynth only It uses samples instead of simple waveforms. I made a complete song where all sounds used including the drums was made from the same sample...


My point is that you can not change the sample Itself mid-song, but you can come a long way shaping your samples with filters and envelopes. 

@Chris Dmeek: No you can't switch modules with this method if thats what you mean, but you can build two different machines in the same modular and switch between them with a mixer module. The number of slots to place modules in is very limited of course but It can be done if you chose a minimal appapproach. 

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I would combine this with a

I would combine this with a 2nd modular synth to store the notes for the patterns.  

Use a new modular with a machine input with "send notes" selected.  

Point it to your pattern switching machine.

Store your music in the modular, but change the preset using the pattern.

Don't forget, for some extra sparkle, you can also create "blend" patterns to modulate between 2 presets.

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Good point Edgy, you can also

Good point Edgy, you can also write your notes directly into the main sequencer and only use the patterns to switch between presets.

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VIOLENT NEUROSIS (YouTube) ...https://www.youtube.com/user/ViolentNeurosis

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