Over 4000 single cycle waveform presets from Adventure Kid

Subsynth Preset


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Huge collection of over 4350+ single cycle waveform from Adventure Kid, converted to Caustic subsynth format. (ZIP - 6.5Mb)

All presets use default knob settings and simply contain the single cycle waveform loaded into the custom waveform slot.


To create them I opened each WAV in Audacity and re-traced them by hand in the subsynth's custom waveform editor... wink

No, I wrote a little DOS batch converter, which you can get here. It's pretty basic and seems to run fine but it can recurse subdirectories and delete files so be warned: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don't blame me if this deletes your entire sample folder or worse.

The input is either a WAV file path or a directory to convert, with options to recurse as well as delete original WAV file (see readme.txt). It won't process big WAVs (> 4096 samples) as it expects single cycles only.

So for example to create this set I extracted the original zip to my D: drive and ran

SingleCycleToSubsynth.exe d:\AKWF -S -D

from a command window. (Took about 10 seconds to run through and convert the 4000+ WAVs)

Enjoy the utility and the sample pack!


Credit: AKWF Waveforms by Adventure Kid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.adventurekid.se


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Only 4350?

Ok, I tried all the 4350 subsynth waveforms and have buid more than 9500 presets from them...laugh


No, I just downloaded and tried some. Great gift for all Caustic users. Thank you Rej for this quick batch conversion and Pablo64 for the link.

Adventure Caustic Kids!


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This is great news indeed. it opens up great possibilities. Maybe this could be a feature for that sample editor your sketching on, select a small loop and export it in a subsynthpreset? 

But I must admit am a little confused. I thought the waveforms was a fixed number of samples.

Anyway thanks for this Rej.

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INCREDIBLEThanks Rej for

Thanks Rej for doing all this!

When I read your  reply to Pablo64's posting of the link and then you musing about batch processing the whole lot for subsynth  I was like: 'yeah when is he going to have time to do that?'

I am really looking forward to seeing what presets everybody makes with these.

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Ok, first preset here. Nothing fancy. Just an organ with some kind of leslie effect. Had to finish my latest track. I have a custom subsynth inside, so I finished soon to avoid the temptation of trying to find a better match in the 4 423 new waveforms....

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This swiping will certainly speedup browsing through presets. But I'm kind of worried that you might do this by mistake during editing. Well it's not verry likely to happen but things that is possible tend to happen eventually. I usually set up a global Boolean and set it to true when something is changed and false when the user save his/her work. Then I can check this boolean when the program is shutdown or if the user loads a new document, if its true I can bring up a annoying confirmbox.

Well I'm not a big fan of those pop-up windows but sometimes they do prevent disaster. In this case it would only show if something was changed in the preset, any other time it would be quite.

Just a thought.

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cool feature!

Waow! nice implementation of sweeping, and time saving feature. Will it be usable in the windows version?

Now, the inevitable question: Future release already planned? ;-)

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I read this "obscure" thread

I read this "obscure" thread :) and that will be a great feature and it will save both effort and time. I hope that it will be implemented for all instruments, even the beatbox.

Greets from the country that just got 20cm of snow over night.

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Nice one!

This is excellent, I've used these waveforms before in mulab on their mux synth and they sound just as good in the subsynth with the added bonus of being able to turn the polyphony down to use them as monophonic and be able to modulate them with the FM function which mux wont let you do. I can see i'm going to loose a good few hours playing around with these.


Cheers Rej!



Downloaded and extracted the SingleCycleToSubsynth.exe d:\AKWF -S -D zip in my file manager just not sure where to move it or how to get  to work?

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excuse me. such expansion is

excuse me. such expansion is sizzlin' hott but with this massive upload of one machine of presets... all the synths could almost benefit from such of the same or gain the same((( i respect in due time ))) but the recall two read and caustic permissions of mirco sd card is not working in 3.2.4.

i recognize this maybe highly of value inna time of sooo many samples two waveform.