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Not the real one! But a little attempt using the fresh new waveforms provided by Rej...

Well, only 4 422 presets to make now...


Good attempt Skarabee! Which

Good attempt Skarabee! Which of the 4000 odd waveforms/presets did you use?

Realtime (midi) automation of the filter would simulate pulling drawbars. Likewise realtime control over the lfo rate would change the Leslie speed. (Actually the switched rather than smooth nature of the rate knob works quite well for simulated Leslies as you can easily jump between slow and fast speeds.) Alas, we have neither.......yet!

 Does anybody know the best combination of lfo targets to simulate a Leslie? I'm not sure about the physics of spinning speakers. A fairly deep volume modulation sounds good to my ears but I don't know if that's actually what's happening when the horn spins.

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There's a LOT going on in a

There's a LOT going on in a Leslie. You have two horns spinning so there's a bit of volume modulation but there's also the doppler shift created by the two horns moving that bends frequencies in both directions. JBlann is the master and can talk your ears off about this if you let him laugh, I've already learned a LOT from him through emails about this.

I think Scarabee did a great job simulating it in one of his tracks where he used a chorus and a flanger. I'm hoping to offer 2 things in the future:

1 - A leslie insert effect that wraps this up in a convenient package.

2 - A drawbar organ "synth", although I'm not convinced there's a HUGE demand for this compared to other synth types so it's not my top priority, but I have a working prototype!

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Nice try......   but yeah, It

Nice try......cool   but yeah, It is EXTREMELY HARD to duplicate the complex characteristics of a rotary cabinet..... I've spent nearly 20 years trying to do that on the digital front......  Nord Electro 3 and 4 synth comes real close..... but not enough for my taste.   NeoInstruments Ventilator is probably the most realistic passable Leslie effect (if used in Mono only)

But like Rej said, is another topic, another day..... I have a huge research into Hammonds and Leslies and I know why they have such a unique sound that modern technology has not yet been able to easily duplicate...

That aside, very nice sound made here in Subsynth yescool

Wow Rej, I'm so impressed!

Wow Rej, I'm so impressed! Everytime something new gets mentioned you're on it and within a day or two you've got a working prototype.

Please can you release a new Windows version of Caustic with this included so we can all have a play with it!

Okay, okay, I know you're busy.........! wink

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Well, I'm pretty proud of

Well, I'm pretty proud of this codebase in that it's one of the first software projects I create that actually scales pretty well. (apart from adding more machines, grrr)

I can usually whip up a playable new synth in a few hours, the framework just handles it. UI always takes time, then polishing it up to be usuable on the phone and getting to the edge-cases is what takes the most time. I think I have 5-6 synths in this state, some I haven't touched in over a year.

I'm a scatterbrain so instead of trying to buckle down for serious scheduled work, I've been embracing in moderation. What I usually do is at some point, I'll call it done for "having fun" and get to choosing a few new features and polishing those instead. What happens is there's often dependancies between features so I always end up taking longer than hoped to get to release.

Believe me, I'd love to let people play around with the prototypes, but you'd get REALLY frustrated because you can't save anything, the format changes and the work is lost. I'll probably do some focus testing on the new synths here in a month or so. Like give out a release with 1 new synth and have people try it and give feedback. Once people are happy with usability, do another one...

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drawbar organ

Well if that organ sounds as good as it looks I would use it for sure. But it might seem a little odd to add a machine only capable of producing one type of sound. Most of the tracks made with caustic seems to be techno stuff (dont know if that's the right term to use). But then again, wasn't that House genre mostly based on organ?

yesfor drawbar organ + Leslie insert

Personally I think this app

Personally I think this app should cater for all types of music making not just Dubstep,House,Trance,Techno,etc

Caustic is perfectly capable of creating an orchestral filmscore, a jazz quintet, new age music, salsa, blues, you name it. Sure there are some limitations but I don't think it needs to be pigeon-holed because it's pattern based. Once realtime note recording is possible I can see Caustic appealing to all kinds of musicians/producers who want to make music on the go.

So yes, a nice B3 emulation would make a very welcome addition, thanks...!