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[Dubstep] Brand New Day

A new dubstep one with Cautsic 3.1!!!

Hope you'll like my new track and please tell me what you think about it!!

Music video : http://www.bilibili.com/video/av3292953/ 

I upload the music video on a Chinese video website...i don't know if you can watch it correctly :( I am a Chinese and live in Shanghai nowcool

p.s.:Maybe nobody here knows who i am hahaha because i upload a track in this community almost once a year...i never take part in any topic discussion too....sorry for being missing for so long timesadi seem like to be like those one who make music in their bedroom quietly and seldom touch the Internet X_X I promise i will produce more good music and share them with youenlightened Go to my soundcloud page and check my other tracks→https://soundcloud.com/monstarw

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Awesome production skills!

Hey its "The Sound" guy!!
Awesome production skills! Keep it up;)

♬​ Lu!G