Classic Amen

Beatbox Preset


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Classic chops from the Amen Break, set for use at 175bpm, for old school jungle flava( if using at lower BPM`s, I suggest lowering the tuning to fit...nuff sedd)


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Are you working with the latest version of Caustic?Did you made your preset with Android or Windows version? Since 2.1, all samples are included in the preset. Try reloading your samples and save the preset with a new name, and then reload it into Beatbox. Take a look at the size of your preset: it should be more than a few Ko. Hope this can help...

Perhaps the owner of the

Perhaps the owner of the forum should exchange the picture of the beatbox (from the old pattern editor to the new mixer screen). With Caustic 2.0 the samples are not saved in a beatbox preset (and the distribution of a preset is not that easy).


I think the picture shows the

I think the picture shows the beatbox pattern editor of 2.0. And 2.0 does not feature to save a complete beatbox.

You can exchange it to the new beatbox pattern editor of 2.1, but this looks like all the other pattern editors, so you might better take a picture from the beatbox channel mixer.