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First track - tinklepop

Hi all,

So I installed the app then found myself addicted to spending my commute on the train trying to come up with something. (Aside - just tested the WIndows version using dropbox to sync the files... awesome!)

I started with the idea for a slow beat and a wow-wow-wow type noise and it kind of went from there.  I added some sort of chord arpeggio melody then decided it needed a bridge before building up again for the finale.

You will soon be able to tell that I'm in no way a musician, still it was fun :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy

Cheers, Jon


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Well I can't tell if your a

Well I can't tell if your a musician or not but I can tell that I like that song. Especially the drums. Keep em comingyesI

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Your first Caustic track?  

Your first Caustic track?   You are off to a great start...... trust me, you will get hooked even more, and I can see your tracks getting totally awesome very quickly.

Nice work for a train ride  cool

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Wow, thanks, that's

Wow, thanks, that's encouraging. I did it over a couple of weeks. I can see how you can get 90% there then spend ages tweaking.

I'd been listening to The Cure, Close to Me, if you know that song. That and Depeche Mode probably the main inspiration.



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Nice piece, Jon! Got some

Nice piece, Jon! Got some very interesting and engaging ideas, and it was exactly the right length.

Andy Bones
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I can hear The Cure/ Depeche

I can hear The Cure/ Depeche Mode influence in there, two of my favorite groups.  Great work!  Keep em comin

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Wow - great start for a first

Wow - great start for a first track! Really really good

Can hear the same influences as Andy and boy you’re gonna be good at this ….. Jason is right when he says its addictive. Love the fact that you’re using your commuting time to be creative  cool

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Thanks again for your

Thanks again for your feedback. I must also say thanks for the overview videos of the software and the different synths. Really helpful. I shall go and watch them all again now to learn more.

It appears that not only have I discovered Caustic I've also discovered SoundCloud and a whole bunch of creators of inspiring tracks. :-)

My wife said before this that I never put my phone down...