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arp on drums

has anyone tried using the arp in the modulator with the beatbox to get quick variations with their live automating.

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It has been done and

It has been done and demonstrated here before..... What's even better is loading melodic samples into the BB and doing the same thing you mentioned

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lately, i design short loops

lately, i design short loops to reload into the pcm, that way i can get more effects to saturate the sample. i know its not clean, but i am quickly getting back up to pace with how to use the tools more effectively. im going to try what u mentioned since right now im practicing pitch shifting vocal samples and chopping the phrases for use like a messed up trap beat. my intent is to make a bunch of clips i can enjoy and play on a pad. its been fun so far. i have some sprinkler hihats, and some snaily bass.   getting the bass sound was a little creative.  i  run phasers on a synth, in a setting that gives a watery, squibbly rythm. i steady it then export individual loops which are just a pattern of a single note wrapped. i then use the multisample method with the pcm. the result is that the tempo of the phaser effect varies with the transposing of the sample note. i get a pretty steady spread across the keys and then i use two more phasers to water it up some more. using glide, it can allow the pitch and tempo of the sample to climb accordingly, allowing for a winding up and cranking type reaction in the sound. and i just call it SnailSaw.  im sure everyone here already knows this stuff.

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idk any of this. sounds cool!

idk any of this. sounds cool!!! but i will follow this of what the heck!!!! i'm learnin' from u. and if don't get it. i will let u know!


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Yes, I have done that. It

Yes, I have done that. It opens up loads of possibilities, and it´s fun.