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And please someone vote.

And please someone vote. There's a tie that needs to be, 'untied'?

Update: there are 2 ties. Next vote for House/Electro/Techno and Dubstep/Drumstep will or might determine, not the winner, but other final positions.

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Maximus Marte x Jesse Amisi's

Maximus Marte x Jesse Amisi's song was so lovable it is the bomb. I really enjoyed the 4 to the floor tune. So damn catchy.

One of the best Electro House tunes I've ever heard, It has got Big Room effects, Progressive bridges and a Bass House stab style in there. 10/10


Wow, what a determined melody/tune composition. The combination of the instruments playing in harmony, it reminds me of the feeling of hardstyle determination.


It just hella reminds me of Headhunterz lol.

Jose Habanero
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Didnt Andy Zamoron say he don

Didnt Andy Zamoron say he don't vote?can't he be the tie breaker if you get a deadlock?

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Sorry, I've had the busiest

Sorry, I've had the busiest week ever.

I will if need be.

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Love meets death


Hola guys ! I appreciate everyone who in one way or the other had taken their time to pay a focus attention to all of my social content plus i thank God first & mostly for talent, & especially for fans who have always believed in me. Irrespective of the material i put out here y'all still check..... Ain't easy though but we getting there,we won't regret this.

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{3} Go to 'Search' & 'Type' "Eddy shuntel" Then you gat me hey!

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