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yugort - la nuit etoilee

Hi everyone!

My very first track ™. Never used to make music, but caustic has made me a composer :D

Cover art credit goes to https://www.behance.net/hochulia


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New to music creation?  

New to music creation?   Really?   Wow, this is a really great start for you, and Caustic will quickly advance your skills as you continue to explore and discover music in a new way you never thought possible.

What I tell new musicians to this app, is that give yourself three months, and see what you will be creating then, looking back you will be amazed to how quickly you have progressed.

Very nice piece and super awesome start to music creativity cool

Welcome to SCS

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Nice effort, keep going and

Nice effort, keep going and enjoy...welcome to you

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Proper Soundcloud link here! 

Proper Soundcloud link here! 


(I was curious.) :D


Disclaimer: Of course track is not mine, even if this reply makes it look like it is, actually belongs to Egor Moshkin (yugort).