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Dubstep Yay yay sound tutorial.

I know lot of you guys want this yay yoy yey sounds in their dubstep tracks.

Well i find way to make it in mighty subsynth. It's damn hard but this can be done.

PS....something is wrong with my phone or site, so i can't upload caustic file.

I will tell you knob values just like time values. (4 o clock, 12 o clock etc). It is important. So lets go.

PPS.....All this is subjective, you don't have to stick to my values 100% but i think you should.

1. Open subsynth and do next.

a) Chose Inv. LP and place knobs on right place. Track should be in the middle of 12 o clock and 3 o clock. (Which means 1:30). Please don't hate me for this. :). I don't know how to explain better.

Filter Attack should be at 0 (which means around 7 o clock by my stupid theory).

Decay, Sustain and Release for filter should be at 9 o clock. Thats it for filters.

Filter cutoff all the way up, res all the way up. (100%)

b). Bend. Optional. You don't have to touch anything, but you can if you want move 1 hour up or down from 12 o clock (neutral)

c) envelope (I didnt touch anything)

We will come back again to most important part of this tutorial, but first lets add effects.

2. Effects.

a) Bitcrusher. Depth 100% , Wet 100% , Jitter 0% , Rate - optional. Just few % from 0.

b) Distortion. Fuzz, Saturate or Foldback. (Don't choose Overdrive). Pre 100% , Post around 10 o clock , Amount just a lil bit bigger than 0%. All is very optional, depends which waveform you created. For my case, these are parameters.

Now we come back to Subsynth. (Most important part)

3. Open waveform for oscilator 1.

Choose Saw.

Open waveform for oscilator 2.

Choose saw.

You already have some yay sound when you play on keyboard. Play notes in first octave. (Since we don't wanna mess with octave change for osc 2)

Play note constantly (draw 4 or 8 bars long note and press play) , and mess around filter cutoff. Try to slide down cuttoff knob and listen whats gonna happen. From yay you will get yey sound. ;-)

Anyway, you shoul now open waveform 1 (long press on waveform icon) and try to edit/draw some lines. You should play notes in background. To hear whats happening with sound. Depends on your subjective feel, you can get nice sound.

Same thing is for waveform 2. Play around and draw.

Mix of waveforms are also optional. FM,AM,PM are also optional.

Enjoy and show us your results.

I don't know whats happening with my phone, i can't upload caustic file. I'll try again.