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5 New Singles, 1 New Album, all using Caustic!

Hi folks.
Haider passing through again - I posted a show and tell some time ago trying to get people to listen to my then new album 'Snippets', the love I received from the community was immense.
So here I am, some months down the line with a wealth of knowledge about Caustic, newer music, ideas and greater possibilities.

Caustic is such a powerful tool - for a 16 year old always on the move out and about, it really is the one and only notebook for spontaneous ideas... Inspiration could strike at any time.

And so on my bandcamp I have now, as the title suggests, 5 new singles, each better in my opinion than the last. 'Kraken' I released in the early hours of this morning, and it definitely is my best to date - not entirely my usual vibe but dub reggae is something I have musically grown up around.

It would be absolutely amazing if you wonderful people could once again go listen to my new Caustic music, share it perhaps and support me. Everything is still free!


Thank you all ever so much, and to the dev of Caustic, you truly are a god amongst man (if you're reading this...)

Have a good day and enjoy!

- Haider