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toxbox Caustic school ( I am ready to help)

There are many new users here who probably seen the tutorials on you tube and read the manual.
But in production, thats not enough.
Every day I will post some tips here, that will probably help a lot of users that are on the middle or on the starting point.

Tip number one

How to set a limiter in master section to get best results?

Hardly noticed the limiter in master section has a lot importance. To get the best results from it set the atack to full, release to zero.

This very important when you need a sound that has a good handling. Kick that is in front, bass around the kick, and everything else behind.

Limiter will make that easy for you,

To make it long and short here is a little screen shot how to set your start up before you start a song making.

The Compressor is set according to a limiter. The eq will remove a little bit of mud in the mix
And the chorus efect will give a little 3D boost so sounds move away from you a bit.
This creates space in the mix.


This all for today. I will write again tomorrow.
Enjoy guys..


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For want of not getting into

For want of not getting into a debate over settings, personally I don't use any master fx and I switch the limiter off, keep the eq flat and make sure the master volume is low enough for no part of the track to get into the red, let alone clip. Just keep the track so you have an even spread of frequencies (fairly flat). Then export and deal with the final mastering sparkle and eq in mastering. You need to keep the headroom to allow you room to boost frequencies without clipping. The look ahead limiter and compressor in the mastering app work better than the standard caustic ones.

But that's just how I do it. However, no way is right or wrong.

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I agree Rob but the tips are

I agree Rob but the tips are related to a Caustic only.
I found this setup is the most optimal, way better is to start like this because it is easy to adjust things later..