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My first creation

Without much ado:


Hope you weren't expecting much ;-) This was my very frist experience ever with this kind of stuff, so I was kinda just experimenting a little bit here. After discovering Basshunter a little over a year ago, I've become a big fan of his and electronic music in general. For a while I've been wanting to dabble with mixing my own stuff, but it's pretty overwhelming for a complete noob. Caustic's simple interface and feature set is much appreciated. In just the few days that I've been using it, I'm learning a lot and understanding a lot better how this stuff works. I'm working on something new now and will hopefully have it done before too long :-)

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Welcome to the Group!   This

Welcome to the Group!   This track is a very good start for you, very animated and full of energy.   Keep it up, I envision some good things from you in the future. cool