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[Ann] Site Info

To whom it may concern.

This site is a free place to exchange ideas and meet people. In the last 5 years it has become extremely popular.

The site is limited for resources. Right now, it is getting flooded by other servers that have mal content for it and are trying to "crash" it.

If anybody ever calls me out on a post and tells me to fix something, don't expect a reply.

Most that have been on here for 1-2 years at least will know this issue happens once and a while, the server is getting too many CONNECTIONS. This leads to screwed up responses from the server to your browser.

The only thing that will change this is sending a huge load of money to Rej to get more site resources for a site you use for free.

So if you can't stand the site right now, go away and come back some other day because this is what happens. I have been doing this since December of 2011 for Single Cell Software, nothing has changed other than the BS servers that cause us problems are getting faster and have more bandwidth.