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caustic on kindle fire

Beatbox does not produce sound. All other synthesis seem to be working ok. Tried various kits, adjusting levels, and so on but no success.
This is on a kindle fire with latest operating system.

Rej - Dev
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Try uninstalling the app and

Try uninstalling the app and re-installing. I'm not sure why, but sometimes the demo files don't get copied across. Re-installing usually works.

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Can't hear Bearbox in Song Mode? Create a new song.

I also couldn't hear the Beatbox (for me only in Song Mode), and after seeing this thread, I tried reinstalling Cuastic2 and the Unlock Key, but I still couldn't hear the Beatbox in Song Mode. I created a new song, however, and it worked, so I think something was saved incorrectly in the song file itself. If you see this happening and have reinstalled, try avoiding older files where you had the issue. Start a new file and I think it'll work for you.