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Electric guitar free

I compiled an electric guitar pack. Free and available at the play store.


Demo was made using the chorus and distortion effects rack and lfo on the pcm synth.

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Very nice,

Very nice,
I ike sound Electric Guit B

what do you make palm mute for it ?

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 the guitars used were

 the guitars used were various. I have the second part on the way that has more options.

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quality guitar pack that i

quality guitar pack that i need. thumbs up and thank you for putting this as freebie <3


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My goodness, thanks for this!

My goodness, thanks for this! I was about to ask in the forums as to how to reproduce the sound of a guitar perfectly in Caustic. Kept fiddling around in Caustic to get the perfect sound to no avail. As I was previously a guitarist, I know how and what the guitar is able to do, so I spent quite some time to achieve that, but I gave up and decided to give the forums a search...
I'm just glad I did. I can finally put down the tunes that's stuck in my mind for days into Caustic and start producing!

I have like three guitars in my room, but with no way to record it properly.. sigh.

Thanks for providing this in good quality, and free nonetheless!