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James Martindale
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Caustic Demo Song Remix

I discovered Caustic when it was featured in Google Play quite a while ago. I was completely new to FM synthesizers, and was overwhelmed by the interface. I disliked the sound of the demo song, so I experimented on it while I was learning Caustic. I worked on it here and there, then decided I had a decent-sounding piece. I bought Caustic and exported it.

Here it is:

Here's a shorter version:

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You are off to a good start..

You are off to a good start... Keep digging, you will get hooked quick... If you listen to many of the show and tell tracks here you will see what this app is capable of and more.

Welcome to the group.

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I was wondering if anyone

I was wondering if anyone else thought it would cool / fun to have a community demo pack available when the next release comes out.