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Re; Sessions and such

I like the collab idea propsed by skarabee; but I thought I'd put in my two cents for an alternative methodology.

My problem is, I tend to get stuck once I work out a "beat/pattern."  I mean once I have a rack of instruments that sound good together in a one/two/four/ or 8 bar loop I tend to get bored and give up on trying to turn it into an entire composition/track/song/ whatever.  
So I offer this as an example of 5 machines all with only one pattern. 


I think I would be happy to work on other people's stuff with a (nearly) full instrument rack and and some degree of interlocking melodic/chord/rhymthic structure to play off of, if that makes any sense.... or similarly I'd love if some some genius could take one of my basic ideas and expand upon it.








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Ooh, intriguing idea. Sits

Ooh, intriguing idea. Sits well with my difficulties in finishing tunes too. 

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When I get my site rebuilt, I

When I get my site rebuilt, I'm going to start offering a wide variety of Caustic Song files to share with everyone.... template setups, free sounds, and Session Style Song Files for everyone, to do with whatever they please..... 

I'm also going to offer to host SCS Forum Members' Song Files too, and build a kind of database for everyone to be able to get interactive and make awesome grooves with Caustic within the first few minutes of downloading the app...

Builderz Style of course!  I'm about to kick this project into high gear and start pumping out alot of stuff that no other Android App out there can even dream of touching, cuz it will only be availble for CausticCore baby!

EIPSO is about to explode, so watch out.

Coming Soon...  cool



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Don't take it bad, but If you

Don't take it bad, but If you can't finish a work, how about fooling around with other people stuff? Do you think this will learn you how to make a good song or a good mix? 

Once again, I can help for tips, advices, even mixing other  Warriors finished songs, but you got to have something to do on your side. I think a collaborative work can help to learn from each other if there is a goal at the end.

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By the way, if you have some

By the way, if you have some unused pattern, this can be good  Starter files in Caustic Sessions smiley