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Feature request


1) the recording time is too short. Should be much longer or is it limited by hardware resources in some way?
2) I'd also appreciate to have an import funcion for e.g. ogg/mp3.

Anyway fine piece of software btw.


Rej - Dev
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Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

1) The record time is limited to ~30 seconds partly because of RAM limitations, and partly because it's a looper and not a 4 track recorder. A loop that takes a minute to come around loses its "loop" feel.

2) That one is scheduled. In fact it was on the cards but got cut for the initial release. It's at the top of my list of things to add for v1.1

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Hi, could I add:

Hi, could I add:

3) Ability to resize samples in each channel (maybe snapping to a user-definable grid) and therefore ability to have consecutive rather than merged multiple samples in a channel.
4) Long-press options on the waveforms to perform edit/mix/effect options on each individually.
5) Scissor tool to cut waveforms into slices and mix and match them.

That would be all I need aside from the simple, intuitive base you've built (maybe a few more effects, though). I'm just getting into Caustic 2 now and I'm impressed!

Can't wait to see LoopStack mature :)

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Hi here another sound geek playing with a looper that is finaly on android!

about the feature requests...

wouldn't it be great to have multi finger gestures? e.g. select track and:
- two fingered slide down will change volume..
- three fingered tap will mute that track instantly (record on the fly?)

- A pauze button to create a home made beatboxed fill between the tracks..
- Track selection?
- A back button where the program doesn't close but you can start a new session?
- A metronome option when selecting bpm settings @ the beginnig.. (to know how fast or slow 90 bpm is upfront)
- More audio input effects.. easy import from caustic?
- import from predefined beats
- delete track (instead of muting it just erase it with a swipe action or somthing)

maybe I am missing something but this app has a lot of potential!

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Great job, Single Cell

Great job, Single Cell Software!

On my wish list are USB Audio capture, echo/delay fx, and export to Soundcloud.


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Me too.   But it looks like

Me too.   But it looks like its coming very soon, and more newer devices with the newest Android OS will soon be able to do this much better than it does now (in a very limited way on very few devices), from what I've been reading lately.   The possibilities will be endless when that becomes reality, and I imagine that LoopStack may take a new turn or spin odd to a completely new app eventually to accomodate USB audio interfacing. (run thru a tube preamp of course yescool)

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a feature I think would be

a feature I think would be cool is an "alarm". Basically in the app you set a time on each channel and when it becomes that time it records. I have been very interested in what randomness I could gain :)

At the fundemental level everything is frequency, music truly is life :)


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Panning would be nice!

Panning would be nice!