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Joey Quint'
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This is the first time I'm showing something here, because I think it's the first thing I've made that is really worth sharing.

The title perfectly represents maaany stages I've been through many times when making music. For the title itself actually, I was hesitating between many tings, like "undecided", "uncertain", things like that... and reading the definition of Vacillating I found out it perfectly represents me in some situations. For example, choosing what I'm gonna eat at a fast food...

Anyway, it's the track that is important, not so much the title. I have made it entirely with Caustic 3.2, though it hasn't been mastered. I like how the track is now, though it may change in the future of course. I also realize it sounds rather different than what people usually post here, so I wonder if many people would like it.

And now I've already talked too much for nothing, soooooo... I'm gonna stop. After one question: What genre would this fit? I have no idea because I know almost nothing in genres (and I didn't try to make something particularly).



EDIT: It seems the SoundCloud player is not showing? Well, here's the link until it gets fixed, if it happens the same for other people:


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Hi, Ok nice track, good use

Hi, Ok nice track, good use of the synths to create quite a vibey and atmospheric piece. Personally I don't adhere to much, to trying to get everything libeled up, locked up, or even genred up ( no such word yeah I know ) There is an argument for and against trying to label it such and such a genre, I am off the opinion that labeling can put a certain type of person off without even giving it a chance, but there you go...saying all that and I am no expert, but I would say that this would fall into a sub-genre of Trap...others may have other ideas

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Hey, this is a very nice

Hey, this is a very nice track and definitely worth sharing.  It is has a nice progression and the sounds fit well together.  The overall feel is very smooth.

Good work, keep posting and don't worry about sounding like everyone else.  Listen to some of my tracks ... they don't fit in anywhere,  :-)