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For Zicman

Ok I put together this little tune to show that audacity can be used pretty accurately to cut wave forms to the desired length as I think that is what was being discussed elsewhere. Each chord played on the guitar is one note on the PCMsynth and was recorded from a looped guitar part playing constantly. I used my ears and the magnifying glass tool to cut it down. The chords all flow quite seamlessly together although there is one little skip which I have left in so you can hear it. Even then it isn't that bad really, (well once the other instruments come in and cover it up!)

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Thx ;) but i copy/paste lots

Thx ;) but i copy/paste lots of part of my sample, for example i have uploaded something i have done weeks ago with Caustic (i export a part of my song and import it in Caustic) .... too hard to do with Audacity o_O


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